Something for the weekend #35

It’s that time again! Sit back, get a brew and enjoy the crazy world of the internet. We’ve got shocked cats, screaming goats, the aptly named ‘Best of the Web’ compilation and much more!

WTF cat

An oldie, but a classic! What this cat sees nobody will ever know. One thing’s for sure – it scared the hell out of it!

Best of the Web

Woah, this is an insane compilation! How many of these awesome clips have you seen before?

Crash cut-off

One thing’s for sure – this isn’t going to end well! Definitely one of those ‘cliffhanger’ moments.

No hands showdown

Here’s a guide to riding no-handed – we didn’t know there were so many different moves! How many can you do?

Ski biking

We’re starting to get slightly fed up of all these alpine-based folk showing off with their ski bikes… We want to have a go!

Cranes, planes and insane stunts

Robbie Madison takes his bike to the sky for this awesome edit, railing planes and hucking off wings. Make sure you stay tuned until the crane comes out…

Speedy skater

Setting off a speed camera on a skateboard – this guy must’ve been rocketing along!

A lot of screaming goats

That screaming goat was so last month. This is the screaming goat compilation! What have they seen that traumatises them so much?!