Something for the weekend #36

Welcome to your weekend! We’ve got a cracking line-up for you this week: cactus bodyslams, the tattoo ‘enhancer’, BMXers in water parks and much, much more. Enjoy!

Tattoo ‘enhancer’

Ended up with a dodgy tattoo that you hate? Fear not, Misha will turn that old tramp stamp into a work of art!

Cactus bodyslam

Probably the stupidest thing that’s out in the land of the internet at the moment. Turn down the volume – unless you like the sound of a full-grown man squealing like a pig!

Joy of Air

Narrated by pint-sized pinner Jackson Goldstone, this short video explores the joy of air.

BMX flume

This looks like too much fun! Abandoned waterparks = a BMXer’s dream. Riding flumes and playing in empty pools looks better than a skatepark any day!

Best news interviews ever

The headline pretty much sums this up! This is the kinda video that makes you very worried for mankind… Where do they find so much c-r-a-z-y?!

Air breather

Toxic smog? No worries! Ride to work with clean air and the added bonus of looking like a fighter pilot! It’s a win-win scenario. Well, unless it’s raining…

Car backflip

Because a car doing a backflip just isn’t impressive enough! Mini take their wheels to the snowy slopes of Tignes, France to perform this impressive stunt.

Take a seat

Sometimes it’s just a bit too steep and the fear gets the better of you. However, this technique really isn’t recommended! Great for spectator entertainment though…