Three reasons RockShox could be onto a winner with the new Vivid and Vivid Air

“Increased traction, better sensitivity, less noise, reduced rider fatigue, improved consistency and greater rider control” – sounds like RockShox could be onto a winner with their new Vivid and Vivid Air downhill/enduro shocks. Here's a quick look at three key new features for 2014.

1 Counter Measure

This new addition reduces the breakaway force of the shock (the initial pressure needed to get it moving) from around 60lb (27kg) to almost zero. The result? Improved sensitivity over small bumps, giving a smoother ride and improved traction. Fancy marketing buzzwords aside, it would appear to just be a negative spring, like that found on RockShox's Dual Air forks and certain other companies' air shocks.

Counter Measure

2 Dual Flow Adjust Rebound

Instead of the usual single rebound circuit, the new Vivids have two, as on Cane Creek's shocks. Each has its own adjuster dial. One controls how the shock recovers from big hits ('Ending Rebound') while the other handles small bumps and pedalling bounce ('Beginning Rebound'). This should make it easier than ever to get your shock feeling how you like it.

Dual Flow Adjust Rebound

3 Rapid Recovery

This final new feature helps the shock ride higher in its travel, leaving more in reserve for big hits. It also helps it recover quicker between impacts, so it doesn't pack down over repeated hits. How does it work? We've no idea, and RockShox are staying schtum. Sounds good though – bike park braking bump torture could finally be a thing of the past!

Rapid Recovery

RockShox say they've reduced friction within the shocks too, improving responsiveness and reducing noise to “an almost imperceptible level”. We can't wait to try these things out! There's just one problem – apparently we're not good enough for them…

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Source: RockShox VIVID and VIVID AIR by Mind Spark Cinema for RockShox

What? Seriously?! No – we're pretty sure RockShox are pulling our legs, and these shocks will be available to us lesser mortals later in the year. They've even set prices. The Vivid R2C will cost US$430 / €397 (without spring) and the Vivid Air R2C $674 / €622.

Claimed weights are 468g (bear in mind that's without the spring) and 586g respectively, and both shocks will be available in a whole range of sizes, with a choice of mid or low compression tune. For more details, head over to