Check out Cam Zink's new ride…

When we heard Cam Zink was helping Hyper develop a new bike, this wasn't exactly what we had in mind! Available from Walmart in the US, the new $199.97 Hyper Cam Zink men's bike boasts seven gears, a “sturdy aluminium frame” and “riser handlebars that are easy to grip”. Somehow we don't reckon we'll see Cam turning up to Red Bull Rampage 2013 with this in the back of his truck.

Despite appearances, it's an adult model, not a kids' bike. It's definitely aimed at casual users rather than trail bosses though – we can't see those budget parts lasting very long down at the dirt jumps. That said, the stated shipping weight of 36.38lb does suggest the frame's been sensibly overbuilt in case you 'do a Zink' and crash your brains out.

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