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JCW to his friends, James Costley-White to his bank manager, ChopMTB's editor has been riding bikes all his life. He's never happier than when threading his way down some flowy downhill singletrack.

It's been emotional
The new X-Fusion RV1 brings some interesting new features to the DH fork market. Picture by James Huang
Post-ride stoke is the same wherever you come from!
Now that's a back garden we can get down with!
Our man Jake rocks the bowling ball look – it's all the rage in BMX dontcha know. Picture by James Costley-White
Urban downhill? Looks more like a semi-rural downhill to us
With some new teammates and a new bike in the pipeline, Fabien Barel's looking forward to the start of the race season. Picture by Jérémie Reuiller (www.reuiller.com) / Mavic SAS
Bienve Aguado's flipping nuts!
Come on Greg, we know our Chop banners are pretty eye-catching but you've got a race to finish!
The crash ripped Robert's handlebar from his stem and left him with a suspected fractured collarbone