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Rob Weaver has been riding mountain bikes since he was 10 and racing them since he was 11, including competing at several Downhill World Cup rounds. With two decades of riding and racing experience, he knows what works and what doesn’t. When he’s not writing for ChopMTB, he’s the senior technical editor for BikeRadar, Mountain Biking UK and What Mountain Bike.

Apprehensive faces all round? Must be one of Fabien's notorious trail briefings! Picture by Jérémie Reuiller (www.reuiller.com) / Mavic SAS
You can thank these three for Mavic's latest Notch gear – French enduro aces Jerome Clementz, Fabien Barel and Anne-Caroline Chausson. Picture by Jérémie Reuiller ©MavicSAS
We saw Brendan on yellow, black and then green bikes in 2012. What colour will he be rocking in 2013? Picture by Sven Martin
If this thing's as good as DVO reckon, the other fork companies are going to be green with envy
SRAM's XX1 adds a new option for trail riders looking to shed weight and improve chain security. Picture by Sebastian Schieck
Epic. An overused word but there's no other way to describe a view like that. Picture by Alex Tyler/Eyesdown Films
Mark Weir, Chris Porter and Fabien Barel celebrate reaching the plateau at 10,500ft. Picture by Rob Weaver
Its not often the word epic is properly used but here it is. The backdrop in the Atlas Mountains was nothing short of stunning. Picture by Alex Tyler/Eyesdown Films
Fabien Barel shows the skills that made him a two-time DH world champ. Picture by Alex Tyler/Eyesdown Films
It's hard to remain mad at an airline when you're facing a view like this. Picture by Alex Tyler/Eyesdown Films