Andrei Burton might be a Guinness World Record holder but we wouldn't trust him with our mail – the boy's too easily distracted!
Rob 'Look at the time!' Warner – a true legend of the World Cup scene. Picture by Steve Behr / Stockfile
Get these on your list of places to ride! Picture: Dan Milner
It might look the part to the untrained eye but this thing's going to take some muscle to get off the ground! Picture from Walmart
It might look like it's been 'borrowed' from someone's bathroom but this is actually a state-of-the-art camera testing rig!
Chris Akrigg rides again!
'Ride fast and pull up hard' – Eliot Jackson makes quadding doubles sound like child's play
The guys nailed some big tricks on this trip. Cheeky frontflip no-hander in front of the setting sun, anyone?
Making a train down the Queenstown trails
RockShox certainly got people talking about the new Vivid and Vivid Air, but did they go too far?