Enduro downhill

Gravity enduro racing's like going for a ride with your mates, only with a clock ticking on the downhills. Picture by Andy McCandlish
With some new teammates and a new bike in the pipeline, Fabien Barel's looking forward to the start of the race season. Picture by Jérémie Reuiller (www.reuiller.com) / Mavic SAS
Taking enduro riding to the big screens
Fabien Barel gets some air under his tyres on his new Canyon Strive. Picture by Markus Greber
Curtis Keene shredding on his Specialized Enduro at the recent SRAM XX1 launch. Picture by Sebastian Schieck
The hunt is on! Gee Atherton eyes up his prey at Red Bull Foxhunt 2012. Picture by Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull Content Pool
Gee Atherton eyes up his prey from afar, like a wily lion stalking a herd of wildebeest! Picture by Sebastian Marko/Red Bull Content Pool
With a blast on a hunter's horn, the riders were off, with Gee in hot pursuit. Picture by Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull Content Pool
We hope that's mist, not smoke from one of La Reunion's volcanoes! Picture by Manfred Stromberg
The Megavalanche isn't a race for the faint-hearted but Jerome Clementz and Remy Absalon have both won it before. Picture by Hoshi Yoshida