Fabien Barel

With some new teammates and a new bike in the pipeline, Fabien Barel's looking forward to the start of the race season. Picture by Jérémie Reuiller (www.reuiller.com) / Mavic SAS
Apprehensive faces all round? Must be one of Fabien's notorious trail briefings! Picture by Jérémie Reuiller (www.reuiller.com) / Mavic SAS
You can thank these three for Mavic's latest Notch gear – French enduro aces Jerome Clementz, Fabien Barel and Anne-Caroline Chausson. Picture by Jérémie Reuiller ©MavicSAS
Fabien Barel gets some air under his tyres on his new Canyon Strive. Picture by Markus Greber
Fabien Barel knows a thing or two about braking after winning three World Championships. Picture by Russell Burton
Mark Weir makes the most of his last day on Moroccan soil. Picture by Alex Tyler / Eyesdown Films
The trails were rough and unforgiving - not that former DH world champ Fabien Barel seemed to notice... Picture by Alex Tyler/Eyesdown Films
Fabien Barel won the Downhill World Championships not just once but three times. Here he is the first time in 1998, as a fresh-faced junior
Mark Weir and the boys had a blast in Morocco. Picture by Alex Tyler/Eyesdown Films