Orange Bikes

Our thoughts are with Michael Bonney today. Picture by Russell Burton
Jake Hood can't quite believe his luck. Clear skies? In Scotland? In February?!
The Scots certainly know how to do scenery!
Orange Five 29. Picture by James Costley-White
Transition Covert CF at The London Bike Show. Picture by James Costley-White
The 322 is new for 2013 but sports the classic Orange single-pivot silhouette. Picture by James Costley-White
A horrific crash in Rheola, South Wales in March 2011 left Tom with permanent nerve damage. He's determined not to let that stop him riding though, and his new Orange is the perfect tool for the job. Picture by Alex Tyler / Eyesdown Films
Think Tom's bike looks cool? Wait til you get a closer look at his Fox-sprung, carbon fibre arm brace! Picture by Alex Tyler/Eyesdown Films
Joe Barnes strikes his best catalogue pose. Picture by Andy McCandlish
A big-wheeled Orange Five? Can't wait to have a go on one of these. Picture by Rob Weaver