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Greg Minnaar whips it out for O'Neal
Brook MacDonald and George Brannigan have stepped in to fill the sizeable hole left by Aaron Gwin on Trek World Racing
The RatBoy getting sideways
Greg Minnaar in full flow is a sight to behold. Main image by Kathy Sessler/Santa Cruz Syndicate
The World Cup series was already decided by the time racers reached Hafjell. Greg Minnaar had to be content with the world champ's rainbow stripes instead. We don't imagine he was too upset about that
The latest Santa Cruz Chameleon is slimmer and lighter but looks just as much fun as ever. Picture by Dan Milner
Steve Peat shows the Leogang roots who's boss. Picture by Duncan Philpott
Josh Bryceland styles it up at the top of the Hafjell track
Greg Minnaar and Steve Peat play tag down the Leogang World Champs course. Picture by Kathy Sessler/Santa Cruz Syndicate
Steve Peat deserved something a bit special for his 20th Worlds, and his sponsors definitely delivered!