Steve Peat

Come on Greg, we know our Chop banners are pretty eye-catching but you've got a race to finish!
With Filip Polc helping with course design, we can't wait to see what the City Downhill World Cup series has in store! Picture by Fabio Piva / Red Bull Content Pool
Get an education in attitude from Shaun 'Napalm' Palmer!
Steve Peat's hoarded a lot of clobber during his 15-year World Cup career!
Brook MacDonald and George Brannigan have stepped in to fill the sizeable hole left by Aaron Gwin on Trek World Racing
muc off
When Steve Peat's locked onto his line you don't want to get in his way! Picture by spoe_art /
Peaty struggled to get to grips with chopsticks. Picture from Steel City Media
The new Santa Cruz V10 Carbon may look a lot like it's predecessor but it's a whopping 2lb lighter. Picture by Santa Cruz / Gary Perkin
The latest Santa Cruz Chameleon is slimmer and lighter but looks just as much fun as ever. Picture by Dan Milner