Trail riding

Rapid hardtail riding! Picture: Duncan Philpott
It's a tough life being a jet-setting bike journo and international man of mystery. Cal Jelley enjoys some downtime on Lake Tahoe's Flume Trail. Picture by Scott Markewitz
There's nothing like a bit of seat-of-your-pants natural trail riding!
Revelstoke, British Columbia – when's the next flight?!
This is an East Bay winter? Lucky b******s!
When she's not busy looking badass, Manon Carpenter's pretty handy on a bike!
Ryan logs up the miles, and all for a cold ginger beer. Imagine how quick he'd be if there was booze at the bottom of the hill!
Trevor Thew's a lucky man to have trails like this just a few minutes from home
The Scots certainly know how to do scenery!
Trials riding, on an all-mountain bike? The elephants were all ears