Troy Lee Designs

Will the Troy Lee A1 prove as popular as the iconic D2 and modern-classic D3? It's got a lot to live up to. Picture by James Costley-White
Troy Lee Designs A1 helmet
With threats of legal action, it's going to be a while before the dust settles on this one. Picture by Steve Behr / Stockfile
Troy Lee Designs Ace shorts - Best bikes and gear of 2012
troy lee featured
Troy Lee himself has confirmed the company are working on a half-shell lid. Picture by Dan Milner
Oakley performance, Troy Lee styling – what more can you want? Picture by Dan Milner
Limited edition Specialized / Troy Lee Designs Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon EVO. Picture by Zach White
Troy Lee Designs' D3 helmet is unchanged for 2013, save for some spangly new paintjobs. Picture by James Costley-White