Urban downhill

Urban downhill? Looks more like a semi-rural downhill to us
With Filip Polc helping with course design, we can't wait to see what the City Downhill World Cup series has in store! Picture by Fabio Piva / Red Bull Content Pool
Gee Atherton. Picture by Steve Behr
At least there are lots of nice soft spectators to cushion your fall if you crash! Picture by Fabio Piva/Red Bull Content Pool
The South Americans love their urban DH races – though you wouldn't know it from the looks on their faces! Tough crowd
Full-face helmet and goggles - good for protection, less good for spotting groceries
Brendan Fairclough styles it up over one of the many drops
The crowd explode as Chris Van Dine lands his wall ride
Brendog styles it up for the spectators during practice