Wales MTB

Tracy Moseley may have retired from downhill racing but she hasn't slowed down one bit! Picture by Alex Tyler/Eyesdown Films
Nikki Whiles styling it up, with no lawyers in sight! Picture from Eyesdown Films
Gee Atherton. Picture by Steve Behr
Warning - Cannot be unseen!
Looks like Chris Smith's been pretty busy this winter! Picture by Steve Behr / Stockfile
When she's not busy looking badass, Manon Carpenter's pretty handy on a bike!
You've got to be pretty confident in your tyres to ride on a frozen pond!
Wales has a lot to offer mountain bikers
Probably the weather that awaits most of us this weekend
You may not be able to ride like Brendan Fairclough, but that doesn't mean you don't deserve a lift to the top too! He's riding Gethin Woods in this photo – the site of the new BikePark Wales. Picture by Steve Behr / Stockile