Wales MTB

A horrific crash in Rheola, South Wales in March 2011 left Tom with permanent nerve damage. He's determined not to let that stop him riding though, and his new Orange is the perfect tool for the job. Picture by Alex Tyler / Eyesdown Films
Digging over, it's time for Dan to get rad!
Joel Moore locks onto his line at Taff Buggy. Picture by Alex Tyler/Eyesdown Films
Joel Moore gets his whip on at Afan's new bike park. Picture by Jon Ashelford
You'll have to earn your freeride fun at Afan's new bike park with some saddle-up gear-spinning
A little bit of mud never harmed anyone!
Rose Bikes' Adam Williams styles it up at Van Road
Don't try this at home – car parks aren't half as fun when they've got cars in them!
Sun-baked trails, dust-filled berms, golden sunlight - three things you won't find in Llangynog
Brendan Fairclough styles it up. Picture by Steve Behr